Brave Good Kind Tender Chicken Bites & Bars
Brave Good Kind Tender Chicken Bites & Bars

America is Falling in Love with Tender Chicken Bites & Bars

I'm usually not a jerky gal, but these are all natural and no antibiotics. I tried them all and am obsessed with the Teriyaki flavor!

– Alyssa, NYC

BGK Tender Chicken Bites is the best (and cleanest!) jerky I’ve personally ever had! We’re constantly ordering more.

– Paige, Brooklyn

This snack product is amazing. The chicken is very moist and juicy. The texture and saltiness is perfectly seasoned. As an organic and natural product I was shocked it tasted so good.

– Ji, Oakland Gard

This is easily the best product that I’ve consumed and possibly the best new snack I’ve been introduced to in the last few years.

– Lawrence, MA

These chicken bites are not hard and tough like jerky, rather soft and juicy. It has unexpectedly tender texture - both adults and (picky) toddlers in my family loved it. These are new favorite snacks.

Ms Kent, CA

I ate these all in one sitting. Bought the terryaki flavor, so good. Would love to try the hot honey. Even my 3 year old approved. Not dry or chewy at all.

Jessica, CA

These tenders are delicious, and taste amazing! With the resealable bag makes it even better to take to work and on flights.

Jorge, AZ

They taste so good, I was honestly shocked with how good these are!

Blaki, TN